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We are the leading experts in Toronto’s surrounding area. It is in our nature to keep our fingers on the pulse of the perimeter. Download our free resources to learn more about the Toronto suburbs and why they are becoming the leading locations for corporate office leasing.

Technology in the Workplace:
How Suburban Offices Are Adapting

The amount of space per employee in the workplace fluctuates and is generally, on a downward trend. The loss of space per employee, though, is counteracted by more freedom in mobility, more employees working remotely, and an increased focus on how employees interact with their spaces, both physically and emotionally. With these circumstances in mind, companies are now able to design a more efficient use of space per employee.

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The Parking Problem
In Suburban Office Spaces

Land and office density has created a parking crunch in suburban offices. But is the difficulty finding the right amount of parking space for your corporate office a parking problem or a broker problem? In this whitepaper, we examine what is causing the parking crunch in suburban locations and what the future holds for office spaces that require parking.

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Our Client
Case Studies

Explore our work with our client family, individually documented in case studies. We examine the real estate process and result, noting priorities, and strategies deployed to achieve the best results.


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Cushman & Wakefield Resources

At Cushman & Wakefield, we strive to be leading experts in the real estate market, delivering our vast knowledge and resources to enable you to make the most informed real estate decisions.

Below, you will find a collection of free Cushman & Wakefield downloadable resources that have significant value to those researching the GTA corporate real estate market.


Global Office Forecast

 Check out Cushman & Wakefield’s forecast for the global office market in this publication to compare the GTA with international predictions.


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Toronto Marketbeat Office Snapshot

The Cushman and Wakefield Marketbeat Office Snapshot of the Greater Toronto Area. Download for a market overview including sales and leasing activity, detailed vacancy rates and future leasing opportunities.

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Data Dashboard

Cushman & Wakefield Canada Research’s Data Dashboard, is a one-of-a-kind interactive tool, providing immediate access to leading, updated knowledge on the 10 most popular office markets in Canada.

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Research & Insight

Cushman & Wakefield is a global leader in commercial real estate services, helping clients transform the way people work, shop and live. Click here to find a constantly updated list of new research and market insights.

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