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  • Toronto real estate in 2015

    As we approach 2015, a look back on 2014

    1.) Pent up Demand This applies specifically to office requirements north of 50K SF and is a result of a long winter (hibernation) and strong leasing activity in 2013 across Canada. In general, 2014 has been a soft suburban office leasing market with few large transactions; in fact to date, no lease transaction for more than 50,000 sf has taken…

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  • The much-reported death of the suburbs will prove to be greatly exaggerated

    Another interesting article with bold predictions on where commercial real estate is headed in 2014 and beyond. As much as this article has a slant towards the US commercial real estate market, there are components applicable to Canada, specifically the Greater Toronto Area, as well. In fact, some of the predictions line up perfectly with the trends we have…

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  • toronto's financial district real estate

    Leading a shift from Toronto’s financial district

    A recent article in the Globe and Mail about Sun Life Financial, highlights some of the 2013 tenant trends from our previous blog post. The Cushman downtown office Team was involved in this marquee transaction that will see Sun Life consolidating two locations into a brand new 300,000 sf office building in 2016 near the Toronto waterfront. Sun Life…

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  • 2013 tenant trends cushman wakefield

    A look back on 2013 tenant trends

    As 2013 draws to a close, we wanted to share our perspective on recent tenant trends in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) this past year: 1.) Compression of space: Since the economic downturn of 2008, tenants are finding ways to do more with less. And even though the uncertainty seems to be dissipating, the trend towards efficiency of space continues…

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  • BOMA

    A Tale of Four BOMA’s?

    A common trend we are noticing when representing clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in renewals and new deals alike is that the measurement criteria for space utilization can make a significant difference when evaluating office space alternatives. In certain cases, landlords have inserted wording to allow re-measurement of the premises, after the fact, which could result in an…

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  • corporate real estate trends in the GTA

    Top 5 Corporate Real Estate Trends in the GTA

    1.  Compression of Space (high density) As we see pressure from Europe and our US neighbours still facing hard economic times with companies looking to right size and create consistent standards to conform to the new workplace, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is also feeling the same pressures to scale down for the most effective use of space. Companies are…

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  • toronto tenant representation services

    When a Blend & Extend Strategy Makes Sense

    A Blend & Extend is a transaction where a tenant offers up an extension of term for ablending of rent on the remaining and extended portions of the lease term.  Typically such transactions take the form of a blend-down of “above market” rents or a “blend-in” of additional leasehold improvement dollars in exchange for additional years of term.  The tenant…

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  • tenant representation services toronto

    As Canadian REITs surge in the GTA…are they here to stay?

    In the first blog post we took a brief look at REITs and their success to date.  Now, we would like to understand what REITs are active in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and what impact this may have on the GTA. Let’s first look at a sample list of REITs present in the GTA….. Dundee REIT Crombie REIT Artis…

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  • Mississauga Tenant Representation

    As Canadian REITs surge in the GTA…are they here to stay?

    This blog will be 1 of 2. As Canadian REITs surge in the GTA…are they here to stay? Canadian REITS definitely held value leading into the New Year.  The question is,  with such economic uncertainty in parts of the world, will they hold value and continue to grow in the GTA? 1.)    How do we understand REITs  and their success…

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